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Marília Horta

Marilia's own story began with a passion and a dream.

The designer who gave the company’s name, is graduate in Interior Design, a world she devoted, achieving 20 years of experience and has successfully completed innumerous luxury interior design projects.

Marilia's attention to detail and meticulous care, result in luxurious bespoke interiors that often exceed our clients' dreams.


She truly believes that good quality design is life enhancing and deliver it in every project she undertakes. Marilia creates different kinds of spaces and ambiences, form contemporary to classic, traditional to luxurious, where she combines high levels of comfort with maximum style and elegance.

Through her passion for designing and traveling, she is a regular participant in International Design Fairs like, Paris, Milan and Madrid and traveling the world which she believes is very enriching for her inspirations, creativity and knowledge.


Marilia has built strong relationships with her clients and always considered it as the central vehicle for her work advertising. Her own client portfolio shows her professional reconnaissance, earned through all her accomplished projects.


The golden rule elected by the designer is the commitment to deliver exceptional, comfortable and unique homes that gives her enduring pleasure.

"I love my job, everything I do is a matter of heart and soul"

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