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The first phase is to visualise how we will furnish and decorate your property and create an interior design plan.

During the first meeting, we will discuss how your property can best reflect your lifestyle, personal needs and taste.

We will work with you to define your desired style, favoured furnishings and colour schemes.


We will then meet to present you with the concept, including suggested furniture and lighting, fabrics for curtains and upholstery, wallpapers and accessories.

All materials selected will be set to your budget.

We will listen carefully to your suggestions and implement them in the next phase.


Later we will meet to present you with all plans, including a list of all furniture and lighting products for the entire property and material mood boards for each room.

This is an opportunity for you to make any changes to the plans, which we will alter according to your requirements.


We will meet again to present the final design plans (including all of your required changes), 3D design visualisation for selected rooms, a material specification and a detailed price estimate. The project will then be ready to proceed to realisation.

Once the contract for our interior design services is confirmed, our team, will begin to execute the project.


We will order the production of the furniture, lighting, accessories, soft furnishing, art and other key products.

We work closely with a number of trusted craftsmen, furniture, cabinet makers and accomplished tradesmen, in order to bring our clients high quality pieces of furniture in individual designs and materials tailored to the scheme.


Before beginning the fitting and furnishing, we will require keys to have full access to your property.

We will handle all the logistics, from transporting goods from the factories to the warehouse, delivering the furniture to your property and ensuring products are of perfect quality.

When the furniture and lighting is delivered, we will organize every detail of the fitting and installation.

We will complete the realization of the interior design and furnishing exactly to your deadline and budget.

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